Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Children Love their Parents more than they Do!!


Do You parents know one thing?

The most fallacious truth is that always the parents love their children "more than" the children do!!

Yes! All the books and scriptures go on engraving/painting the so called pseudo image. It's not so in my long years of association in child psychology and their dynamism of their inner subconscious mind.

Usually, children only love their parents unconditionally in whatever the adverse situations in life. Unlike children, parents only put forth the conditions upon conditions to show love and shower material comforts to their children.

Parents do bargain, good scores in studies, strict code of conducts, military kind of time management etc for giving them food, cloth and shelter plus the man made education system & modern gadgets. Just a barter system!!

Though the parenthood of the whole world can console that they do so only for the welfare of the children, I still raise my voice as to why do you over pressure the little flowers for your foolish materialistic rules and intellectual idiosity of the world. Can't you see its futility, failures and void in making a sensible children out of such commercialism?

Just understand the prime fact that you are the first lover and caretaker of your child. All other external attributes from society to your child, are secondary and irrelevant one.

I am telling you really, if you started loving your child unconditionally just for the sake of being your child, the puzzle will be solved and there will be no need to take him/her to any psychiatrist in the world at any time at all.

Oh my friend! All that I positively say here is contained in my own experience. If you are in my position to feel the love of all children unto their parents, you will be surprised and will be feeling guilty for your life time, I bet you. Compare to the love of any child in the world our parental love seems very mean and mediocre by all standards Sir!

By the by, one need not be a vigilant watch dog to assess constantly the growth of a 'plant-root' spreading on beneath the earth, that suspiciously! But, as a responsible gardener, one has to ensure those five natural elements, including watering and shall then stay away to invite sun shine on the little flower-pot!

That's it. Now, God takes care of, more than our humanly shortsighted possibilities!

Senior Psychologist,
& Therapist
Chennai, South India.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Child Psychology & New Year 2018 Resolution for Parents!

💚 💛 💚 💛 💚 💛 💚 💛 💚 💛 💜 💚 💛

The Children are the Gifts sent from heaven! 
An humble parenthood just start from mere Love only and not ever from intellect. 

Many of us are unaware that our children carries the same genetic link from billions of years from the origin of the first human species, less your difference of age. That's it. 

A train by 30 min earlier doesn't carry all intelligents than the preceding train. Please be generous kind and be loving your child, than imposing all principles and philosophies. 

Stop teaching and over burdening them. A flower blooms by itself even in the jungle with all its glory. Never think you only can be a good gardener. Too much concentration and constant nagging may distort the mind of your child! 

After all a parent should shower love, not the intellect 24 hours like a teacher does in the class room!

Senior Psychologist & Therapist