Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Never Free download Uniblue Registery Booster! It will not work-and will sit in the Desktop! Way to Delete Uniblue !

Dear Friends!
I recently Free downloaded the Uniblue registry booster.  
It does not work at all
But, when i just wanted to delete and get rid of it, it has never gone from my desktop by various methods.
When i started searching in the web, there are forums criticizing the intention of Uniblue and alike companies doing mishap to users.
Many of such Free Soft wares do not work properly, but sit with our computer adamantly and asking for money to move on. When we want to delete it at last , it can not be deleted by any number of methods. We can find lot of such unwanted junks in our PC which slow down our computers.

OK. Here, at last i found a (forgotten easy) way as one said it in the forum. 

I just want to make it easier to understand. 
Just go to My computer> 
Programme files>
Uniblue (will be there, some times these people will be hiding in some other name too). 
Then you open the ‘Uniblue’ folder. 
Open it and you will find some bunch of sub folders and files in it. 
You find out ‘uninstall’ and click open. 
It will uninstall completely. 
Your head ache will be gone! 
Good Luck!

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-Mohan balki

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