Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines Day & My Thoughts:

Love is good & it was there right from its first day of evolution. And it is everywhere and will be in all the future too.
But, making a particular day for emphasizing as Valentines Day that is the day meant for exchanging one's love towards other seems utterly ridiculous & meaningless.

The trading communities of the world or the corporate sellers started propogating all 365 days into this day that day mother's day, father's day, friendship day, women's day etc to promote various commercial activities only to grab money from people.

Imagine this Valentines Day, inducing a compulsory purchase of gift articles to one's beloved at any cost that represents his/her level of love which is happening throughout this globe. And you can assume the magnificent sales and abundant income to the corporate riches.

Eventually these are all the tactics to improve their sales in exponential ways.
Not only in visible article sales, even in the service sectors, mobile/cyber world how much calls/data/travels the lovers spent might show a huge sales for the welfare of corporate gains.

Leaving behind such inducted pseudo days into our minds, the concept itself seems degrading our natural human behaviour. Yes. If a boy cannot present a gift on a particular day to his lover/mother/father/friend, his love told as an unfit one, considered lacking.

Here, the commercial society unconsciously injecting the poison in to everyone & prepares a wide sales base there upon.

Not only that, here, the not-loving students in a school/college/working place are forced to dump into a guilty conscious as to they are incapable to love anyone in the world and are unconsciously stamped as unfit people in front of the so called Valentines Lovers !!

The reality is otherwise. Love may come/may not come at any time & can express/not by various means to one. The commercial corporates, cannot impose a particular day for that ever.
Nature, makes different flowers to bloom in different times with innumerable colours and fragrances, but never at once.

Same truth applies here as to, no special day can be summoned over here for the sake of expressing one's love towards other. Nations can remember a particular day. But, individual flowers cannot be forced to open its petals on a particular induced-day, to celebrate as one mass.

So, why do you demean your Eternal love by giving gift or expressing it, on a limited and particular "Inducted-Days"?
Fine. It's just a thought to express my opinion.

Now, it's upto you to ponder over and to know the futility of celebrating the commercially imposed "individual special days" into our orbits.

Senior Psychologist & Therapist 
South India