Saturday, December 22, 2018

Don't ever fill your children with inflated ego!

Some parents, instead of giving appropriate confidence, they are unknowingly boosting their children's Ego!

One of the parents recently was praising about her son to me that he could grasp the pages easily at once in a single reading. He would not study hard but used to acquire above 90% in all subjects. She also mourned that in the recent days he could not score the same anymore!

When I deeply enquired her son and probed into him, I found out a bitter truth of "over- confidence" turned its phase as "insecure feeling", when compared to other good slow snail co-students who had finished all subjects in the stipulated time.

Now, his "one-glance reading" will not help him to compete with his friends. So, he just wants to quit this schooling and wants to seek other courses and short-cut education systems anywhere in the world to save his self-respect!

Yes! Dear parents!

Don't be impractical to boost the ego of your children as if they are made up of special traits than other billion children. Treat them normal and teach them the value of middle-path!

A plant grows in its own space and time, that cannot be urged to offer fruit in a single day, not even by God!

So, inflate-not their ego ever, that may spoil their reality to cope up with other people and society!

I made him realise their familial fault and ushered him to start like an ego-less child again. He will live happily ever!

Yes! Over confidence is dangerous!

Yozen Balki
Senior Psychologist, Chennai