Monday, January 17, 2011

Realise the use of....the self-realised people!!!

Dear friend...( xxxx ) !

It is really a serious and longing question to me as to how far these people who are hiding out in caves and solitudes for self realising are superior than the ordinary farmers and workers of this land. They Atleast do their karma yoga to benefit the society in day to day basis.

But see in kumba mela. There are lot of Sadhus in millions claimed to be super naturals came out from caves or living in to/for self realisation were unable to stop any natural or unnatural calamities...Atleast do no favour for human society.

Even The self realised Buddha's principles lead sinhales only to kill millions of Tamil people.

Self realised Jesus principles did not prevent the invasion and destruction of Iraq for no reason found yet. They themselves split in to several categoies like protestants Catholics pentecostal etc to fight with each other.

Self realised prophet Muhammad principles were ignored and the result is the split of shiya and sunny and their constant wars among them.

So all the great people who have claimed to be self realised were utterly failed in their principles...but growing only in numbers.

The recent...Self realised Nityananda's principle lead only to get signature for free sex on contractual basis!!

My opinion is Nature/God is enough and sufficient unto itself for this world and never these godmen ever....for they only created partitions among people by their mere principles and rituals.. in turn hatred and wars...more than their so called self realisation.

This is my realisation ever.


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