Monday, August 6, 2012

Rain-clouds & Concrete Jungles! மழை பொழிவதில்லை-கான்க்ரீட் காடுகளில்!

I am a Conscious Rain-Cloud - "I chose" 
only the Green fields!
I prefer like this fields 
This place....I like to rain here!
I often visit here to drizzle....

I roll over here in the meadows...
Concrete - Jungle with No Green Trees 

Look at these machines and cranes! You greedy people! Day and night you uproot trees and green plants at these once-existed garden places, creating now, the men-made concrete shells & eternal Hell for you!

Here...You men uproot trees & greeneries!

No grass fields - but piling wastes!

Not on grass fields - your kids playing on garbage!
Mounting wastes & garbage of the present world!
your deserting civilization....

Result would sooner be: 
Desert & Barren lands everywhere in the World!
Reasons I, the Rain can say:

1. Industrialization produces more and more "colorful synthetic wastes" which destroys my soil and my water resources.

2. You refuse to respect Agriculture and Natural living.

3. Hence, you destroy Green fields and Forests and creating acres of huge-mega sized industries and concrete IT parks, only to destroy the 100s of Trees and plants living over there for decades.

4. You never take care to plant trees and grow greeneries over there, but take full precautions to prevent them growing in the fully paved concrete floors and path ways.

5. You consciously cut even the road/street side Trees which are planted and maintained by Govt local authorities, so as to have a clear view of  your mega malls and concrete parks!! You uproot trees and grass fields, strange, but placing plastic green-plants for your pleasing vision!!


When there is no Trees and grass fields, 
Why should I Rain?
For whom?
that too on these lifeless 'concrete Deserts'???

Rain-I am! A thinking-genius, you will realize it soon...!!

Devastated land 
Miles to go....
Kids bearing water...barren land
No Green, no Life.. 
The Exsiccation & The End

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