Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"My Brain Is My Enemy": Suicidal Note

A News TV channel Anchor in Hyderabad, Radhika Reddy, 36, jumps off her 5th floor apartment & leaving a suicide note, police said.

"My Brain Is My Enemy," Wrote Hyderabad TV Anchor, and that suicide note found by police in Radhika Reddy's bag which said that she was depressed.

She lived with her 14-year-old son since her divorce six months ago and living in
the 5th floor of her apartment building in the Moosapet area Hyderabad.

A case has been filed and an investigation is on now.
What's our roll to stop such suicides?

These kind of suicidal tendencies are steadily rising in our modern era due to several changing life-style & increasing work pressure in various working segments in the global village.

We people and leaders generally give more importance to our physical health than the normal mental health. Physical ailments are at least visible notable and treatable, whereas the psychical trauma is never visible to any other person than the affected one only.

One can live with his/her physical pain for any number of years but not so with the psychological depression or the stressful mind beyond a threshold.

So, the friends, relatives & colleagues only should take care of each other when someone seems depressed or not able to laugh for a significant period. Do talk to the people who are in need and just kindle them to share their perturing issues & allow them to unburden their inner pain, though not you have any solution for that.

Even if, your presence can make him/her comfortable to vent out him/her dumped feeling out, you are just won in saving a soul. Never be hurry to avoid saying an Hello to your fellow beings ever.

Be loving and little compassionate towards your daily meeting people at least. Thereby, do realise that you could have saved an efficient woman anchor like Radhika Reddy from such untimely demise that may question your very consciousness till your last breath.

Our physical portal stand in the strength of our Inner Mind Only. So, free your brain from all kinds of cluttered thoughts and irrational fear about the imaginary future. Likewise, you please do unto others too, to bring out their “brain-slavery” imposed from outside/within.

A normal "Hello" and a compassionate little listening can save many of your friends and acquaintances without even spending your one penny in the pocket.

Let us try to stop such untimely departures.

Lot of Blessings

Senior Psychologist & Therapist,
Chennai, South India.

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