Monday, April 23, 2018

Never Hide Your Visit to a Psychologist

The people are still in the primitive age to accept the psychical dis-ease we all commonly confront with. When it comes to physical illness they even get pride to boast about a rare disease they recently had! 

But no one wants to express the psychological setback that everyone gets at some point of time in our life.
Not only of one's psychological issue, but they never come forward to reveal it, even on those solutions they had or the doctors/psychologists they consulted to cure it.

As a psychologist, me, doing services for more than 25+ years in the field, I rarely found a participant of one in hundred who openly & willingly say others about the psy issues evolved or at least about the psychologist who just had cured that mental illness ever!!

(Think about the gratitude of Bill Gates who openly declares his visit to a particular 'unknown psychologist', who only diverted his path)

Just like any other physical illnesses, we all shall consider the mind related illnesses as quiet a common one, for at least to guide others to give them the wellness of mind. Hiding the health information to others is a sin, that will return back like a "boomerang" in this life time only.

Though, the psychologists never expect any gratitude/reference from those participants, the destiny engraves the script of the selfish people without fail.

As Periyar EVR used to say, " It is always the duty of the beneficiaries to show their gratitude. A public servant shall not expect any gratitude, that is mean and petty mindedness only".

However, one thing worth considering is, when one guy closes the door for others to worship the truth, the universal energy shut him the whole possibilities for sure.
The givers are more and more offered by.
Be it money, time, energy or information. The more you are useful to humanity the more you will be blessed with. That's it and nothing more!

Senior Counseling Psychologist, 

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