Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Tamil Nadu' is to lose its name soon!

This article was being published in Dinathanthi daily news paper today (15.1.2012 page 18) stating the arrival of north Indian workers to Tamil Nadu and its social implications emerging over here!

What the writer in his article connotes is 200% true and is so clearly evident that one can watch daily in Chennai central Rly station Egmore Rly station or  koyampedu bus terminal. There come thousands of north Indian workers daily by various trains and buses for a job in Tamil Nadu.

Lakhs of people among them are short-settled here in TN for their living and soon might be the permanent voters in Tamil Nadu to decide the ministers and legislation!!

What will happen to Tamils then in the long run? In the great adventure of life on Earth, every species has a role to play, every species has its own territory. And for Tamil-species where is that territorial demography?

It is never an anti-patriotism as such! Even the Universal Objects can range in size from sub-atomic particles to celestial masses, such as planets, stars and galaxies too do create their own space to reside within, without any collision among them!!

One should remember that what happen to Sri Lankan Tamils now, after allowing the Sinhalese immigrants in their island a few hundred years before!

Hostility is good as far as there is a limit and allowable space for any guests sitting at your home. But, one shall never allow the guests to sleep in the bedroom and the host in the outside veranda for ever!! One cannot allow the guests to run your kitchen-cabinet either!! History reveals the dangers hiding in it!!

So, Tamils, Tamil thinkers, Tamil leaders, Tamil Govt shall think about it very seriously now, to demarcate the boundary line between a visiting guests and the permanent hosts!

This is the right time or never again!!


Source: 'Dinathanthi' Tamil Daily-15th Jan 2012
(Title: 'An invasion from northern states')

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