Monday, December 20, 2010

Aircel - Confuses its customer..for some trivial reason!!

Aircel prepaid balance checking number now : *111*6# (star one one one star six ash) as on 20.12.2010...they may change again!!!

Dear Friends !

I encountered some issue with Aircel to day!
My opinion is, unless an autonomous body is there to monitor the consumer issues, this is going to be an ever growing issue with all such mobile service providers.
1. Excess billing.
2. Frequent call drops.
3. Non-availability of customer care people.
    and several other issues, can then only be proved in the consumer court!

If, the judging parameter is with the accused himself, how come we prove the computerized wrong billings and their mischievous activities anywhere legally? Here where comes the transparency to the public/ the union Govt is very much bragging about?

The solution is: The Govt/Trai should possess one mother computer to handle a neutral billing system and regulating the tele-customer service in a parallel way. Otherwise, the mobile/telephone service providers, will keep on telling stories in a technical junky words, (if at all one gets doubt) and will put on excess billing in some Rs.1/- rupee to Rs.100/- in excess, that can not be proved in any way as a customer we are. 

I doubt, billions of rupees might be going to the wrong pockets!

Just view my previous blog:

I already written the same subject in many mobile forums since the year 2006. Just, circulate this message in your own ways and means!
(My today letter to Aircel
and also to consumer complaints forum: )

customer care people

Why the hell you go on changing the balance checking number? (My Aircel number is 9710010238.) If the balance checking number is simple we can remember that. But, voluntarily you kept the number like *111*6# now, that number can not be saved in the mobile for our reference too.( I saved it in msg area)

And today it is not showing the remaining balance too in the regular way as it used to show. Rather it shows zero balance.
After each call is made, it is not showing and deducting the amount in front of my eyes.  Every time should i go and check it using the hotchy potchy number?
It is not good business practice either!
I just will post about it in Mobile forums now!
See! MNP is going to come and keep it in mind sir!

Your Credibility should not be spoiled and due course that will fetch bad name and deterioration of your growth.
Being the citizen of India, we have to fight and fight for many petty reasons with the Govt. authorities as well as with the service providers, which are the fundamental duties to be provided to its people/customer. Very tired-some indeed !!!


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