Sunday, December 5, 2010

Airtel ! Looting money at night!

Looting money at night: Pick-pocketing!
I am a Airtel mobile pre-paid customer my number is 9840042904.

In the recent months there are several times my money have been looted in Rs.10s and 20 at nights. Few days before on 2.12.2010 night, i saw my balance was around Rs.142 plus.But, in the morning 3.12.2010 i found only Rs.56.55 and nearly 90 rupees was neatly looted.

I gave complaint and they said my amount would be reimbursed if found fault with them in 3 working days and gave complaint number as CBDCC 31203030859. I kept quiet.

I put again Rs.120 top up on 3.12.2010 evening (Rs.106 Talktime) and with previous balance, that day talking etc I found by night the balance was around Rs.120 plus. Again the next day morning 4.12.2010 my balance was reduced to Rs.55 plus.

I got angry and when i tried to contact the customer care from morning to evening they never picked up my call seeing my number. In the evening when i cached them up via another mobile she said, she will send the second complaint number immediately to my mobile. But till the time no response.

More over for the past one month i could not make at least a three minutes call without several cut in the middle. That means to a simple one minute talk i need to spend four calls amount and comes about four times the unnecessary cost which goes to Airtel owner. I feel depressed as to why our Govt and Trai are not concerned in these like mega looting in an exponential way from the millions of innocent mobile users. Though seems like mini leakages in one rupee and two rupees per customer, with millions of users Airtel is looting in billions. More or less, the situation remains same with other mobile service providers too. But in the public opinion as with the dealers too, Airtel is the prime looter, they say! See, to have clarification on some thing, if you want to talk to the customer care officer you have to pay 50NP/3min to Airtel. What a shame? Being a mobile service provider they tax customer for customer care calls! Here after every one can do the same thing in India!

My pain is, what ever the consumer says in the consumer court it is not going to be accountable since we have no data to prove any thing. Because, the mobile providers only keeping the datas and never the Govt or any common Org, which can be manipulated at their whims and fancy.

See, we cannot prove our repeated complaints and their negligence.
We cannot prove their excess billing.
We cannot repent or retake our money by accidental touch of any buttons in our mobile.
We cannot prove any of our difficulties and issues like waiting one hour to reach the customer care officers...frequent call cuts..unwanted sms/calls from ad agencies, 'that number does not exist', life time sim card means 1 to 3 years, this and that.
We cannot have any receipt for our money and their service accountability.

It is not like going to a hotel, eating and paying bill directly and if any fault is there with their bills and service we can argue and do some thing. But, It is like, fighting with the invisible devils and the devils can wound you, call you, bill you excess, torture you but you cannot retaliate in any way!!

What a system and what a Trai and Govt authorities to look after their citizens!!!! Great India!
இந்த கொள்ளை பற்றி விலாவாரியாகப் பேசும் வேறொரு வலைத் தளம் கண்டேன். நீங்களும் படிக்கவும்:

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