Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) - 7 Easy steps!


Do you want to change your service provider 
for some bitter reasons, 
keeping your same mobile number?

For e.g. you may like to migrate from Aritel to Vodafone or vise versa or any existing "X" to "Y" (new) mobile service provider as you like. Then what should you do? Many of us not aware how to port away from one provider to another one and we assume that it is an arduous job. 

No, it is not so and in fact it is a very easy process simplified by TRAI which any one can do for himself. I myself migrated few times and assisted many of my friends to change over to other good service providers!! 

My ambition here is, if many Indians are aware of these migrating possibilities and easy process in that, they will choose good companies and will migrate to them as and when required. It will create an impact in some of the mobile service providers and they in turn 'may' come down a little, will provide good services and may stop fraud billings to their poor Indian customers. 

However, until a parallel measuring device/server, set up by TRAI  to monitor all mobile services and billing methods, the persisting basic issues of the millions of mobile customers of India would not be solved ever!

OK. let us know the 7 easy steps: 

(MNP - step by step process  involved in porting/migrating)

First Step: Take your mobile and type 'PORT' leave one space and type your mobile number
(for e.g. PORT 9840042904) and send by sms to

Probably the 1900 goes to Trai's portal- not to your existing service provider. So,
you need not worry.

Second Step: within some time, may be in half-an hour, they will send you an 'unique porting ID number  probably with 8 digit one, via sms to your mobile. You have to keep the number in your mobile plus write it somewhere for your added help if you miss the number by chance ever.

Third Step: Take your 'Unique porting code number UPC' along with your passport photo one copy and your present address/identity proof, and go to your nearest mobile recharging agent within a week time. The SMS will tell you the time limit. (In these days, your existing mobile service provider's customer care people will call you ask you and request you to be with them, never care and be firm in your migrating decision)

Fourth Step: Tell your recharging agent that you want to port away/migrate from existing "X" service to "Y". (For e.g. in my case, I wanted to port away from Airtel for their repeated wrong billings and join in Vodafone and joined today. Though their net work is excellent, I always felt bad on their fraud billings and bad customer care system. Being 10 plus years association with them, though sad to leave Airtel, it is inevitable now to port away for me.) Now he will ask you for your New passport type photo-one copy and your present address proof. He will attach both with an application form "Y" (Say,Vodafone form) and you have to fill up/sign up and hand it over.

Fifth Step: Your agent will give you now a new Sim card of "Y" ( in my case Vodafone) and will collect Rs.19/-only. That's it and your work got finished, you can go home happily.

Sixth step: Within few days, 99% in the night hours after 10 pm, one day your existing mobile service provider will cut his service off and you will find it out in the morning only. Feel Happy for it and never be sad!!

Seventh step: Remove your old Sim card out and put your new Sim card in, and wait for half-an hour. That's all! Now you are connected to New service provider/operator with Rs.5/- talk value in it. You can recharge as you like after some time! Make a sentiment call first to someone you love and Enjoy MNP privileges using your same mobile number!

That's it friend!!

Note: Do not forget to retrieve 200 mobile numbers hidden in your old Sim card, and replace it in to your new sim card my dear friend! When recharging emphasize always your present mobile company. For e.g Rs. 121/- recharge for Vodafone sir-not Airtel. I have ported from Airtel sir.. like that. Because on seeing the number your agent may relate it to the old one and may confuse himself, Till the time keeping the ported number unless you say to, no agent can find out your service provider. So, tell in advance your number and present service provider to your recharging agent. 

If any queries raised in your mind please feel free to send me an e-mail or 
g-mail chat at  I will assist you to my level best, probably in the evening hours between 7&9 comfortably. Let us create an insight to the Indian mobile customers for their rightful good services ensured through MNP now.

For me it has taken 7 days to port away. 

On 7th April I sent sms to 1900, got the UPC code.
on 9th only i applied to other provider, giving all my details.
On 13th night at 10 pm my existing service was cut off.
On 14th morning today around 6.30 am I was connected to 
new mobile service provider.  This is just for your idea how things move!

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