Thursday, July 19, 2018

Why one shouldn't Judge a Psychologist ever?

People used to judge others by preconceived conclusions only. It is almost impossible to know the contents as it is without one's coloring.

Most of the time, our perception is stronger than the reality itself.

One day it happened to me. I had visited to one of my friends Ezhilan's apartment, in a sunny morning, that was found locked by an externally hanging lock. I was quiet sure about it and was cursing and scolding him and had returned home back. 

In those times, the mobiles were not invented or might be not in use in our demography. After some time another common friend Tamil arrived my home and we were started talking on several topics. In the middle of the conversation I expressed my anger towards our friend Ezhilan's absence despite my note of arrival to him. 

Then, Tamil was shocked and told me that he was just coming straight from Ezhilan's apartment only. I got suspicious and after talking to Ezhilan and thoroughly examined the facts, I could realise my wrong perception of the 'locked-apartment'. I was just unable to digest my mistaken vision and was deeply inquisitive for its reason.

Finally, I could find out the cause for my wrong precognition. Yes! Most of the time, Ezhilan would not be there and I could only see his locked room, that had deeply embedded in my subconscious mind !!

So, before seeing the concrete reality, my mind could tend to project its wrong perception of the preconceived illusions. That only made me to believe so. Here, this is not only happened to me, many of you too. 

So, never do mistakes through your perceptions. Don't ever color the contents from your delusion either. Be neutral and try to face the truth as it is. 

Especially, when you need to visit an eminent psychologist to cure your fragmented mind, never carry your 'judging-apparatus that might be already dilapidated/deluded one. 

You can do that with Physical-ism and Physicians who deal with tangible physiques and its ailments and not so with your psychologists ever.

After all, when one cannot judge His/ Her own mind which is already in delusion, how come He evaluate the  mind of a psychologist who repairs the minds of the intellectuals and intelligents? 

So, never judge your psychologist ever!

Senior Psychologist